Happy Father’s Day to our Dear Ol’ Dad!

He grew up on the land he still farms, went to the United States Military Academy in West Point and then served 40 more years in the Army. He taught us how to fix fences, drive tractors, and toss hay bales. He showed us how to work from sun up until sun down and how to do it without complaining.



Really… trying to define all of the things he thought us would take a long time, but he certainly showed us how to love God and family, as well as how to work hard and do a good job even if no one will ever know about it. Dad taught us how to throw the ball and hit, but he was ultimately unsuccessful at convincing us to tuck our softball shirt into our shorts. (So uncool, Dad.) And on one Father’s Day years ago, he let us FINALLY shave off his combover!! (Which was awesome and I’m pretty sure made us love him even more.)



FullSizeRender_4               dad







The left side picture really doesn’t even show the combover in all its glory, but the right side picture shows it was very obviously clear– we were RIGHT on this one!! Alas, combover or not, we love him and have always been so proud of him!


Thank you so much Dad for being awesome! We love you very much, Happy Father’s Day!! 



  1. Laurie Mead on June 19, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Happy Fathers Day Clyde hope your day with your family is really special. Thinking of you all . Cheers

  2. MARY ANN FAWCETT on June 17, 2021 at 1:07 pm

    Came down to the farm and got some of those delicious, BIG blueberries this year. What a treat!!! The bushes were covered up with ripe ones and a WHOLE lot more to come/still growing and should be ready soon in a week or two!! With all this rain they are “coming on with it”.